Program Schedule

On air and online 24-hours per day, plus three bonus channels presented for our members with folk, contemporary instrumental and jazz!

Not finding a favorite public radio show? Check out our New Programming Initiatives Page here. Our new Saturday lineup comes directly from strong listener response to programs about science, medicine and technology. Your donations have a real effect!

International Newscasts in news shows and weekdays at 11 a.m., noon, 2 p.m. and 9 p.m. and embedded within all news shows, in green above.

Kansas Newscast material as available from the Kansas News Service (KNS) at 7, 11, noon, 2, and 5. Long-form features (when available) at 6:50 a.m. in place of Engines of our Ingenuity.

Marketplace Tech at 6:55 a.m. and Marketplace Morning Report at 7:50.

Green Room interviews conducted live at about 12:15 during The Classical Cafe. Heard later as podcasts here.

Missing a favorite symphony orchestra broadcast? Many symphony concert seasons are 13 weeks, so they do change! Check with us before thinking we “cancelled” something – we probably already have plans to bring it back next season!

**Nightcrossings Journeys – our 10 pm feature focus as part of Nightcrossings which runs from 9 to 1 a.m.

KeyNotes Host
Maggie Perry

Guitar Masters with Misty Rae- Monday – six and 12-string favorites
Native Spirit with Sean Pineda – Tuesdays – contemporary music inspired by indigenous American traditions
KeyNotes with Maggie Perry- Wednesdays – both piano and synth, solo or taking the lead
Emerald Isle with Simon Rendell – Thursdays – Celtic-inspired music with a contemporary twist!

Nightcrossings Voices with Christina Cook – Fridays – Nightcrossings classics featuring the human voice

Classics in Concert Weekly Schedule:

Sunday –New York Philharmonic This Week
Monday – Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
Tuesday – Chicago Symphony Orchestra Radio
Wednesday – 7 pm Chamber Society of Lincoln Center/8 pm Gateways Radio
Thursday – Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra
Friday – *Wichita Symphony Orchestra broadcasts air in January, April, August and September, other Fridays are Curtain Call- Opera the World Over

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