Program Schedule

Effective July 1, 2022

Locally-programmed music shows in bold within grid.

Not finding a favorite public radio show? Check out our New Programming Initiatives Page here.

On air and online 24-hours per day, plus three bonus channels presented for our members with folk, contemporary instrumental and jazz!

International Newscasts in news shows and weekdays at 11 a.m., noon, 2 p.m. and 9 p.m. and embedded within all news shows, in green above.

Kansas Newscast material as available from the Kansas News Service (KNS) at 7, 11, noon, 2, and 5. Long-form features (when available) at 6:50 in place of Engines of our Ingenuity.

Marketplace Tech at 6:55 a.m. and Marketplace Morning Report at 7:50.

Missing a favorite symphony orchestra broadcast? Many symphony concert seasons are 13 weeks, so they do change! Check with us before thinking we “cancelled” something – we probably already have plans to bring it back next season!

 *Wichita Symphony Orchestra broadcasts air in January, April, August and September

**Nightcrossings Journeys 10 pm feature schedule:

Guitar Masters – Monday – six and 12-string favorites Native Spirit – Tuesdays – contemporary music inspired by indigenous American traditions
KeyNotes – Wednesdays – both piano and synth, solo or taking the lead
Emerald Isle – Thursdays – celtic-inspired music with a contemporary twist!
Nightcrossings Voices – Fridays – Nightcrossings classics featuring the human voice

Classics in Concert Weekly Schedule:

Sunday –New York Philharmonic This Week
Monday – Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
Tuesday – Chicago Symphony Orchestra Radio
Wednesday – Chamber Society of Lincoln Center
Thursday – Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra
Friday – Wichita Symphony*/Curtain Call – Opera the World Over

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