JD Hershberger

PM Drivetime News Anchor

Originally from Hesston, JD Hershberger is a graduate of Goshen College where he served as Student Station Manager of their award-winning student-run station 91.1 The Globe. He personally was a winner and finalist of numerous college radio awards such as On-Air Personality, Promo Series, and Creative Writing.

Growing up an active member of the local youth theater community in Hesston, Hershberger has always had a passion for using his voice. At Hesston College he began to focus on a career in sports journalism, and while he dabbled in sports commentary for Goshen that involvement in the radio station led to career path adjustment towards on-air music shows, news reporting and acquiring a talent for creative writing and voice acting.

“It took some time trying on various hats, but at the end I discovered my forte was for writing, recording, and producing audio content” says Hershberger. “So by the time I graduated I felt pretty sure the right career path would be in the radio industry.”

In consuming more radio and audio content, Hershberger developed a fondness for public radio as his source of news, so it only seemed right to have him anchor our daily 5-7pm broadcast of Marketplace, The Daily and the evening edition of The World From his nightly shift to social media updates, we think you’ll enjoy our new resident bass!

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