Have Your Voice Heard!

It’s as simple as it sounds: We need your vote for us to know which shows are meeting your needs. We’ll close our voting period with an on-air fundraiser that is as brief as we can make it. The BEST way to shorten our drive is to pledge in advance, so we can distribute your generosity to the shows you wish – shortening any interruption of each show! To earn your participation now, we offer to put your name in ALL of our big drawings this season if you’ll pledge today! Just ask, and a local business will MATCH your donation!

News of the World

WGBH’s The World airs at both 6 am and 6 pm weekdays.

Radio Kansas gets its state news from the Kansas News Service, national news from American Public Media, and world news from the BBC and WGBH. As with everything we do, this mix has been perfected through years of listener response! Click here to find out more.

Listen on the Radio Kansas App!

We invite you to use all of our services – on air and online – for free and in private, and then trust on the honor system that you will take part as a contributor. This is one reason we don’t have a normal app that you have to install after accepting a bunch of terms and conditions. Our mobile “app” is simply the mobile-formatted web page here. It can’t track you or save or steal your information in any way. Rather than having to download updates, you’ll just find that the page is more capable as time goes on. These updates are delivered each time you refresh the page. You’ll find installation instructions in the app. If you’ll go to that bit of trouble, we can save the hundreds of dollars we’ve been quoted to have someone build software for the app store. We’ll keep those dollars invested in the radio you use each day. 

Weekends are for You!

Our re-invigorated Saturday lineup focuses on your world and your health. Zorba Paster has the science of nutrition, metabolism and wellness Saturdays at 9 – with a few laughs along the way. The laughs continue on A Way With Words, then news of the environment on Living On Earth with Steve Curwood, followed by Moira Gunn’s Tech Nation ’til 1.

Sundays offer time for friends, family and stories. Share a bestseller on Book Club at 10, hear a good tale on The Moth at 11 and swap recipes and family traditions with The Splendid Table at noon!

Digital Fidelity Online

Point your phone here to open our mobile app!

We recently streamlined our streams, eliminating the need for special software. Just click a link above to start listening! If you do have a favorite app, you’ll find us more places than ever – in the iHeart Radio app, the Radio Kansas Mobile App page, TuneIn app, etc. Voice Assistants like Alexa and “Hey, Google” now work better, even if they do sometimes think that when you say “Radio Kansas” you mean “radio, Kansas,” and they start playing 70’s progressive rock by the band! (Prompt those assistants with “Radio Kansas on iHeart Media,” and you may do better.)

You’ll find updated instructions on our streaming page and updated links above. If you’re away from your radio or in a basement where FM can’t reach, fire up an app on Wi-Fi and take a listen!

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