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Radio Kansas
815 N. Walnut, Suite 300
Hutchinson KS 67501-6389


Office Hours:  Mon – Fri 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Off-hours Listener Services & Request Line 1-855-RADIO-KS

General info and station history page here.

Tax Number:

Radio Kansas is owned and operated by Hutchinson Community College. Donations requiring a federal EIN should describe the entity as Radio Kansas, a Broadcast Service of Hutchinson Community College at the above address and include the Endowment Association EIN 48-0688389We are not Kansas Public Radio. Although this sounds like a generic term, it’s actually the formal name of the station owned and operated by The University of Kansas, and serving a different geographical area.

DUNS Number

Our Dun & Bradstreet DUNS ID is 09-429-3177

Why is it and not dot org?

Everything we do is audience-centric. Our tests with station volunteers and others revealed that when we were, folks would type out of habit, and wonder why our site didn’t work! You’ll find that and will still get you to our home page, but the full functionality is where folks seem to expect….at


We incorporate listener requests into all of our locally-selected music programs. Please write an email to or call during regular business hours. Nightcrossings requests will be heard in upcoming broadcasts. Classical requests are heard during our Friday morning Classics by Request program. For reasons of copyright, requests for selections or arrangements written after 1925 must be made in advance of the program and we cannot indicate the exact time we’ll play the requested selection.

News Releases/Embargoes:

Radio Kansas exists as a service to the public, not as a medium for the convenience of news organizations or public relations firms. As such, Radio Kansas makes no commitment to honor news embargoes requesting delay or other control of our dissemination of information to the public.

For security reasons, it is our policy not to open press releases sent as attachments. Any content should be in the body text of the email itself.

Other Press Information:

Our local production efforts are focused on non-profit, local, public events in the arts and humanities. We don’t do book reviews or author interviews. We cannot give free Arts Calendar mention to fundraising events that do not have a strong public performance component. Such events can be promoted in paid sponsorship announcements.

Individual Support:

The majority of our budget comes from voluntary contributions. Depending upon the timing and circumstances of your gift, you may be a donor or an ongoing memberDetails here.

How do Challenge Grants Work?

Does it help if I wait for a match? Click here for a complete explanation. Short version – pledge today…and don’t take a match.

Business Sponsorships:

Radio Kansas offers local businesses the opportunity to be recognized as helping to make our service possible. These sponsorship announcements are offered in strict accordance with FCC rules specific to public radio. Conceptually, businesses are invited to help pay the fixed costs of radio programming – the costs independent of program choice, such as the electricity required for an hour of broadcasting. Voluntary listener support determines which program selections are sustainable, but once community members have directed the station to offer specific programming, a business may associate itself with that program’s presentation. These factual sponsorship announcements in no way endorse the businesses nor advocate a cause, but instead identify the business to listeners so that they may confirm this programming independence. It’s reasonable that some listeners may mistakenly believe there is endorsement, so Radio Kansas reserves the right to reject any and all funders or announcement scripts so as to protect the image and reputation of the station and its licensee.

Real humans…

You’ll notice that Radio Kansas offers links to our real e-mail addresses. We want you to be able to reach out directly by email, phone or text! Sadly, this also means that spammers have our email addresses, (and someone is being paid to make each piece of spam look personal and urgent!) so we do miss legitimate emails from time to time. If your query is time-sensitive, please call  1-800-723-4657 for the appropriate staff during regular business hours.

Questions about something you heard or would like to hear on the air?
Call General Manager Ken Baker or send an e-mail to

Questions about becoming a member or your current membership status?
Membership Director Maggie Perry, or send an e-mail to

Questions about reception problems?
Call Director of Engineering Doug Kaufman

Ken Baker, General Manager
Becky Mullins, Music Librarian

Membership and Sponsorship

Russ Wedel, Director of Development
Maggie Perry, Membership Director
Rose Fragoza, Traffic Coordinator

Full-time Hosts
Michael Ables, Outreach Director/Symphony Hall Host
Geralyn Smith , Operations Director/Morning News Host
JD Hershberger, Promotions Director/Evening News Host
Katelyn Mattson, Classical Music Coordinator/AM Classics

Broadcast Engineering
Doug Kaufman, Director of Engineering

Part-time On-Air Staff
Mark Ritchey, Sunday Best Host/Producer
Joy Clark, Part-time Announcer
Mary Lopez, Part-time Announcer
Christina Cook, Part-time Announcer

Arts Calendar Submissions:

We share information about upcoming events in the arts and humanities both on the web and over the air. Events are selected for broadcast attention from among submissions made online to the regional Arts Calendars shown on our Radio Kansas Connects page. Our free public service announcements are typically scheduled two weeks in advance. Such Arts Calendar announcements are considered programming, and as such are chosen based upon our judgment as to public interest. Paid sponsorships may be purchased at any time, typically requiring 45 minutes or less from purchase to first broadcast.

Submitting new music:

 has been on the air since 1986, so we are blessed with a CD library of thousands of CDs and many more arrive every week. Our jazz, folk and classical programs all have similarly well-established libraries. We are thankful for the thoughtfulness of each artist who submits a CD for airplay, but we simply do not have the staff time for tracking calls or review feedback. If our online playlists are a sufficient way for you to track airplay, please feel free to submit your music!

Our address is:

Radio Kansas
815 N Walnut
Suite 300
Hutchinson, KS 67501