Radio Kansas in Digital Fidelity – Worldwide!

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We are pleased to present our full-service FM signal, our folk music channel NewGrass Valley, our contemporary instrumental channel The Kansas Breeze and the extraordinary Radio Kansas Jazz via internet streaming! 

These streams are intended as a bonus to your Radio Kansas membership for our FM stations. They should not be considered our primary service to you because we cannot guarantee the quality of your experience as we can with over-the-air broadcast. Third-parties control the internet servers between us (unlike radio – with a direct connection over the air)! We test and recommend the TuneIn app, the Radio Kansas App page and the iHeart Radio app.

“Hey, Google. Play Radio Kansas”

In our experience, the Google Assistant is capable of connecting to our main channel by network name. It also plays “The Kansas Breeze” and “NewGrass Valley” by name. It doesn’t seem to make sense of “play Radio Kansas Jazz,” so request “KHCC HD-4.”

“Hey, Siri. Play Radio Kansas”

Apple’s personal assistant Siri should also connect to our main channel by network name, but – depending up other prompts you’ve given it previously – it may connect better using the call letters KHCC. It also plays “The Kansas Breeze” and “NewGrass Valley” and “Radio Kansas Jazz” by name. If at first you don’t succeed, ask for the channel “on iTunes,” to teach it where to look, or “in Apple Music,” “on TuneIn” etc.

“Alexa, play Radio Kansas on iHeart Radio”

When you ask Alexa to “play Radio Kansas,” it likely thinks “radio, Kansas,” and offers a playlist based on the 70’s band. Alexa needs a little help, with the phrase above telling it (her?) which source to use.  Our other channels are also accessible by name, followed by “on iHeart Radio.” (Once you’ve taught your device where to go, the iHeart mention may become unnecessary. Let us know!)

Most listeners report success and appreciate our attempt at extra service, even with the tricks needed. Everyone is welcome to listen prior to contributing, but our streams are intended as additional service to our members. If you like what you hear, please consider helping us present the stations you use!

Some versions of some phone web browsers, stop the basic stream after a while in an attempt to save power. Updating your operating system may (or may not) install a more compatible version of the browser. The “now playing” players at, and appear to play on and on!

Our streams are heard in the iHeart App, the TuneIn App, the SimpleRadio app, the app, and on most desktop browsers, smart TVs and smart speakers. As we say – it’s easier to find our signal than it is to get away from our signal!

Our Streams
If you have any trouble, see instructions below!

Radio Kansas HD1Full Service FM Station

Radio Kansas HD2 — NewGrass Valley – our roots music station, running the gamut from folk to bluegrass to modern acoustic music from traditional forms.

NewGrass Valley

Radio Kansas HD3 — The Breeze with your favorites from Nightcrossings, Tranquility Bass and Music from the Hearts of Space 24 hours per day!

The Kansas Breeze

Radio Kansas HD4 — Jazz 24 hours per day!

Radio Kansas Jazz

Technical Assistance

Some browsers and playback interfaces ACTIVELY REQUIRE fully secure connections. Other combinations ACTIVELY REFUSE secure connections. The players provided above assume that your browser and your connection are capable of making secure connections to such streams.

Unlike FM, there are numerous third parties between you and our web signal – web servers that are maintained by others, and may have issues we cannot control. Please contact us if you have a problem, but understand that there are many issues we simply do not have the resources to solve. We derive no real additional income from these channels, so the systems rely on freeware and hand-me-down hardware. There are listeners so disappointed in outages that they seem to prefer we not even try to bring you access to this extraordinary material. We hope you agree that it’s worth the attempt, even without a budget! We do try to warrant the accessibility of at least our main signal in the TuneIn smartphone app, the iHeart app, and on the Radio Kansas Mobile App Page at  Other stream aggregators like TuneIn do not derive funds from linking to our signals, so they lack the resources to worry whether a little station in the Midwest is working in their vast system.

If you have questions, please contact by email station manager Ken Baker or for technical questions, Doug Kaufman. To speak with us by phone, we’re available during business hours at 1-800-723-4657.

Listen in a stand-alone Player on your computer/phone/tablet

As mentioned above, there are any number of interfaces which may be your favorite. We’ll trust you to know how to paste the stream URL’s into the software properly!

Primary FM/HD1 Stream:

HD2 NewGrass Valley:

HD3 Kansas Breeze:

HD4 Radio Kansas Jazz: