Maggie Perry

Membership Director

My connection to Radio Kansas is over a decade strong. You might remember my name as host of Nightcrossings. I thoroughly enjoyed my hosting responsibilities. My family would listen to me every night, it was a lot of fun! My family consists of myself, my husband, one son and one daughter. We also have several pets that just happened to follow my kids home.

As my time here at Radio Kansas went on, I wondered what more could be in my future. The position for Membership Director opened up and I knew right away I wanted to go for it.

One accomplishment I am very proud of is receiving an outstanding grade in a recent business class I’d taken at Hutchinson Community College. I received an A+ and had the highest grade in the entire class. I like learning, and look forward to learning more about the role of Membership Director.

In my office I have a radio tuned to our programming, so I hear exactly what you hear. The artistic and brilliant classical music compositions. NPR News with it’s intelligent look at today’s headlines, and of course, I still love the soothing, relaxing instrumentals of Nightcrossings.

If you are a member here at Radio Kansas, let my first words to you be “Thank you.” Thank you for supporting the arts, and for providing access to the arts to everyone in your community and beyond. If you are not a member yet, what are you waiting for? Join today! Drop me an email or call 1-800-723-4657. We’d love to welcome you on board!