Ken Baker

Radio Kansas Network Manager

I’m a lifelong Kansan and a lifelong fan of public broadcasting. I remember listening to KHCC as a low-power student station in the early 70’s and was among those rejoicing as the station became a real university-class public station in 1979. I remember fondly many of the station’s early productions, and get nostalgic if I hear a piece of music that was used as a theme song for one of those shows.

It’s been my pleasure to see Radio Kansas grow into a regional public service. If you listen much at all, you’re probably like me and couldn’t imagine life around here without it. In addition to our full-service FM signal, we offer three full-time stations focusing on jazz, folk/bluegrass and contemporary instrumental music. When you buy a new radio, look for the official HD Radio logo. That means the radio incorporates the new technology that will allow you to hear our extra stations over the air!

One of my greatest pleasures through the years has been recording local concerts for broadcast. Like a lot of folks, I played an instrument in school but didn’t keep it up. I’m glad to make my musical contribution to the community by producing broadcasts of local instrumentalists and ensembles. Our relationship with the Wichita Symphony has been particularly rewarding, and it’s a pleasure to help extend the reach of those artists’ work.

As Manager of our three-station network I try to help announcers and program producers make decisions from your perspective as a listener. We hope that helps you choose this station more frequently, and rewards you for sticking around once you’re here. If there are particular shows we now air that you just couldn’t live without, I hope you’ll drop me a line to let me know how important they are. Likewise, if there’s something you’d like to hear that we don’t presently offer, please let me know. E-mail me!