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We do our best to schedule our live interviews and other arts features at times when most everyone can listen, but we know they can be easy to miss! We’re so thankful to have the time of these busy artists that we want to share their thoughts with you whenever you’re available. Interviews for The Green Room with Katelyn Mattson and Nightcrossings JAM! with Michael Ables are available via podcast subscription, and more are on the way!

To peruse our podcast archives in this browser, visit https://radiokansas.com/category/green-room/ and https://radiokansas.app/category/nxpodcast/

There are myriad “apps” and websites to listen to podcasts. We don’t want to suggest one over another, so we won’t provide detailed instructions here. If you’re familiar with podcasting, you’ll likely find our material easy to find! We submit our podcasts to popular providers like Apple’s iTunes, iHeart Media’s app, Spotify, etc. Simply search for “Radio Kansas” in their podcast directories! If you’d like to subscribe directly to the so-called RSS feed, The Green Room is https://radiokansas.com/category/green-room/feed/ and the Nightcrossings podcast is https://radiokansas.app/category/nxpodcast/feed/ Just paste the text and you’re ready to go! Apple provides simple links for iOS users: simply follow this link for the Green Room Podcast and this link for the Nightcrossings Podcast.

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Salina Symphony Roaring Twenties Preview Radio Kansas Green Room

SalinaOct1ConcertDownload The post Salina Symphony Roaring Twenties Preview appeared first on Radio Kansas.
  1. Salina Symphony Roaring Twenties Preview
  2. WSU Orchestra Season Premiere
  3. Opera Kansas Preview
  4. Wichita Grand Opera Fall Performances
  5. July 29th Wichita Wind Symphony

Ryan Coon at Foxtrot Public Media Arts Studio Nightcrossings Podcast

  1. Ryan Coon at Foxtrot Public Media Arts Studio
  2. Acoustic Eidolon
  3. Rick Stevenson
  4. Lena Sawyer and Daughter
  5. Lena Sawyer

Daily Kansas News stories are accessible at the Kansas News Service, but you may also have heard of their podcast My Fellow Kansans, available here

We’re flattered to be asked for our music programs to be available online. Musicians may make their Radio Kansas studio recordings for this use, but the music licensing for such distribution of CD tracks is not available to us. We keep ourselves abreast of any new options and will offer our programming this way when possible! In the meantime, fans of our folk music program can listen 24×7 to our continuous NewGrass Valley stream on the internet and in some communities via HD Radio. Fans of Nightcrossings and light classical have The Breeze 24-hours per day, and our jazz station is at www.wichitajazz.com. Of course, our full-service FM station is available all day in digital fidelity right here.

Help Us Find Public Radio’s Next Big Star!

We’re on the lookout for public radio’s next great storyteller like Garrison Keillor…or an interviewer like Terry Gross…or a sound sculptor like Ira Glass.

Podcasting is where public radio “incubates” the next generation of on-air talent. We hope to teach all interested Kansas how to produce their own podcasts and submit them for our listeners to consider!

Once your podcast is up and running, we’ll post links on our site and ask our listeners to decide who to bring to the air, first! We’ve set aside broadcast slots in our top-rated weekend news shows and we’re just waiting to hear from you!

We’re conducting regional informational meetings by request, and we need to know where to go next! Request more information via email at requests@radiokansas.com and tell us where you live! We’ll let you know when the next meeting will be in your area!

You may be public radio’s next big star and just not know it, yet. We’ll look forward to hearing from you!