Nightcrossings Hosts

Nightcrossings is a living, evolving musical genre, and our hosts are here to guide your way through a musical journey each night. Most nights we really are here, live, experiencing the music in-the-moment with you and a few thousand of our closest friends.

We’ve been blessed with a long history of dedicated staff who have ushered the program along through the years with constant improvement as you tell us what works! Michael Ables is in charge of the playlists for both Nightcrossings and our 24-hour station The Breeze. He hosted the show himself back in the 90’s. The program originated with Dan Skinner and Steve Brown who hosted briefly before Andrea Springer assumed hosting duties. Sara Sayers and Maggie Perry are also longtime weeknight hosts, joined at various times by weekend hosts who went on to other duties, as well.

Evenings more recently, Christina Cook serves as your weeknight guide, with former weeknight host Geralyn Smith bringing you the show Friday nights. Saturdays are now set aside for Space Music, on Tranquility Bass mirroring our Sunday commitment to the genre with Music from the Hearts of Space.

View our playlists online or just listen at 9 central every night and you’ll pretty soon catch on to what these programs mean to thousands of longtime listeners.