Business Sponsorships

For 72,000 Listeners Each Week, Radio Kansas Means Business

It’s no secret that older and more affluent Kansans have the experience and education to appreciate our programming. These listeners use healthcare and investment services in far greater proportion than users of other media, and they will love to hear that you are sponsoring our programming!

For all of our listeners, Radio Kansas means business as the primary provider of business-to-business information. Our important critical drive-time hours are focused on human endeavor with programs like Marketplace, Business Daily and market reports throughout the day on features like Marketplace Tech, Morning Report and the Marketplace Minute. No other station…no other medium…can help you reach business owners like Radio Kansas.

Radio is the last medium to reach more than 90% of American adults each week. That’s more than any other medium! More than traditional media like newspaper and TV, and more than any of the so-called “new media” online. Around 72,000 of the most affluent, best-educated Kansans tune to our stations regularly, and they are particularly appreciative of the local businesses who help present the programming that’s important to them.

The community may see your sponsorship as a charitable investment in local quality of life, but you know that it just makes sense to associate your brand with public radio. Radio is known for one of the highest returns on investment of any medium at six to one. This is even more significant when you consider that the classical/news demographic is decidedly upscale. Many listeners are “empty nesters” in their peak earning years, and they prefer to work with businesses that support their values.

Radio Kansas supports businesses in our community by providing radio programming that professionals – both business owners and skilled employees – have a right to expect. Most of the programs you hear are broadcast only on public radio stations and we believe Kansans deserve the best national programming. Sponsorships are our way for businesses, organizations and individuals to take credit for helping to present these shows.

*And we’re right there online, too! In fact, three of our online stations are available for exclusive sponsorships. Call for details!

The power of sponsorship can be explained better in the words of Radio Kansas underwriters themselves:

“It’s a quality of life thing. I’m very musically oriented, and so I want to make something like that available.”

Dr. Martha Housholder of Wichita

“Music is an important part of my life as a listener…uninterrupted musical programming is a joy as compared to commercial television or radio. We think it is important to have available good music as well as news.”

Nation Meyer — First National Bank


Regional Power through K-SUN – the Kansas State Underwriting Network

Radio Kansas sponsors can optionally choose statewide coverage through the Kansas State Underwriting Network. This consortium of public broadcast stations allows you to blanket Kansas with the message that YOU sponsor our unique programming! This is the very best medium to reach upscale Kansans – letting them know that the programming they love is made possible by your generosity! This select audience is especially appreciative of your help – and they prefer to do business with our sponsors when possible! Contact us today if we can help you craft a message and place spots on public radio areawide! If you’d like information on how to be an underwriter, please contact us at 1-800-723-4657 or e-mail Russ Wedel at