Michael Ables

Outreach Director

Symphony Hall Classical Host, Nightcrossings Producer

I have worn many hats from being a corporate “Head-Hunter” for System Analysts to a Loss Prevention District Supervisor in Houston. I even served in the military during the Gulf War where I received two Commendations for exemplary service with two Bronze Stars. I decided to again take up higher education after my release from the service and began with part-time classes in Manhattan Kansas (I was stationed out of Fort Riley).

My interests are widely varied. I study and enjoy Anthropology, particularly Meso-american as well as the ancient history of the Far East. In addition, I enjoy painting, drawing, sculpting and writing. Lately my artistic passion has moved to the virtual world where I specialize in character creation and animation. To make matters even more complex, I have a strong love of Zoology (mainly in the form of Paleozoology). I am not a cat lover but I am owned by two very large, super intelligent cats, Merlin and Ceasar. I raised them military fashion so they are quite disciplined for cats.

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