Nightcrossings Starter Library

If you want to assemble a Nightcrossings library at home, these CDs will get you started! Our library contains quite a few rare gems. Some of these CDs are out of print, which means they might be available for just a few dollars at used re-sellers like eBay, or they might be rare, in short supply and only available at a premium price! Here’s some artist and label information to get you started. We don’t derive any income from any purchases you might make at Amazon or elsewhere, and we always prefer that you shop locally first, so we’re not going to just link you to a retail copy online. Happy hunting!

YANNI: “Devotion-The Best of Yanni” – ASIN: B001662F64 Private Music, distributed by BMG

Blue Meteor Records P.O. Box 477 Berthoud, CO 80513

TREVOR STEWART: “Transcendence” – Seraphic Music 1013
Trevor Stewart Music –

IRA STEIN GROUP: “Spur of the Moment”
 – ND-63029
Narada Productions, Inc. 4650 North Port Washington Road Milwaukee, WI 53212-1063

VARIOUS ARTISTS: “Windham Hill Records Piano Sampler II” 
– 01934 11149-2 Windham Hill Records Box 9388 Stanford, CA 94305

CUSCO: “Apurimac II – Return to Ancient America”
 – HOMCD 7067
Higher Octave Music 23715 West Malibu Road # 358 Malibu, CA 90265

EKO: “Alter Eko” – HOMCD 7063
Higher Octave Music 23715 West Malibu Road # 358 Malibu, CA 90265

JACKSON BERKEY: “Fresh Aire Interludes”
 – AGCD 373
American Gramaphone Records 9130 Mormon Bridge Rd. Omaha NE 68152

JOHN SALAT: “Echoes of the Heart” 
– SILV-01
Silverscapes Music 22386 Woodgrove, Road, Lake Forest Blvd. Lake Forest, CA 92630

KEOLA BEAMER: “Wooden Boat”
 – 08022-38024-2
Dancing Cat Records by: Windham Hill Records Box 9388 Stanford, CA 94309

TRIO GLOBO: “Trio Globo” 
– SD806
Silver Wave Records P.O. Box 7943 Boulder, CO 80306

LEO KOTTKE: “Peculiaroso” 
– 01005-82111-2
Private Music 9014 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90069