Nightcrossings JAM!

Nightcrossings JAM! is an occasional feature bringing you live performances from some of your favorite local and national artists! The program is hosted by Nightcrossings Producer Michael Ables.

Recent JAM! Guests

Acoustic Eidolon, Guitjo and Cello

Producer Michael Ables (right) joined Hannah and Joe in our studios

Acoustic Eidolon, featuring Joe Scott and Hannah Alkire, are from Colorado and have performed throughout the US, Europe, Australia and Canada.  The duo is unique in that Scott plays a one-of-a-kind instrument called a guitjo, a double neck guitar designed so that both necks can be played simultaneously. The guitar neck is strung like a traditional six-string guitar while the guitjo neck sounds much like a harp. When paired with Alkire’s cello, the result is an innovative sound that has been described as “brilliant instrumentality.” 
With eight CDs and a DVD to their credit, their signature “new acoustic” sound blends Celtic, Folk, World & Latin music influences, something that Dirty Linen magazine praises as “a sumptuous musical feast.”

In one of several JAM! appearances Acoustic Eidolon performed with the Salina
Symphony under Maestro Ken Hakoda.  Together they presented orchestral
arrangements of some of Acoustic Eidolon’s most popular numbers on Nightcrossings, including Celtic Hymn, Toowoomba and Asia Rains.

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Trevor Stewart, Chapman Stick and Viola

We’ve had the pleasure of recording Trevor Stewart in our studios and on location. Recorded during a recent appearance at Bella Luna Café’s west location in Wichita, one program featured artist Trevor Stewart performing renditions of Nightcrossings favorites from his albums Love/Fire/Serenity and Transcendence, plus debut music from a future CD release.

While Trevor performed some improvisational pieces on the viola, the majority of the broadcast focussed on his Chapman Stick music.  The Chapman Stick is a unique instrument with an 8 to 12 string fret board, which is held vertically.  Music is created by tapping the strings with fingers on both hands, resulting in a rich concert of melodies and bass rhythms.

Keep up with Trevor, his gigs and his music on his website,

Vince Serrioz, Guitar

A Wichita guitarist new to the Nightcrossings playlist, Vince has been playing for over thirty years.  He says he draws inspiration from guitar greats like Leo Kottke, Chet Atkins, and John Fahey but has created a style all his own. 

His broadcast featured music from Vince’s CD Years With No Tears, a project he’d been working on for 10 years, written with the help of his very good friend Manual Gonzales.  “All songs were written from my feelings….and from the heart. I recorded this CD at Lancelot Studios in Wichita, KS. Had a great producer and guitar player -Bruce Huss-work with me and helped keep my sanity during the project!.” Bruce has also been with us for his own JAM!s, and we’re glad to rebroadcast those concerts, too!

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Ryan Coon, Guitar

Ryan began playing and composing music more than ten years ago. He grew up in Kansas and his style of playing has been influenced by his exposure to Nightcrossings broadcasts.  Ryan is a self taught guitarist who has studied the art of music for thirteen years through jazz and classical brass teachings. He has been teaching guitar locally for several years and continues to hold weekly private guitar classes.

During his JAM! performance and interview Ryan chatted with host Michael Ables about his inspiration and answered questions about his technique. He was a heavy metal guitarist in his high school days and developed a talent for playing fast.  Meditation and zen philosophy inspire much of his music these days but he still uses his heavy metal speed to sound like he’s playing as many as three guitars at once!

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