Nightcrossings Favorites

These are Nightcrossings pieces which are continually requested. Some are widely available at retail, others are rare gems that may take a while to find! Label information and catalog numbers are provided where appropriate to give you a head start.

Lavender – Paul Christopher Musgrave – Title cut, Lavender. This Canadian artist’s track never fails to get listener reaction and purchase queries.

The Great Wheel – James Asher – Available again on iTunes after being out of print for years!

Gypsy Nights – Acoustic Highway – Craig Chaquico – Higher Octave HOMCD 7050 Includes Mountain in the Myst

Hotel Luna – The Private Music of Suzanne Ciani – Suzanne Ciani – Private Music 01005-82103-2 Includes The Velocity of Love

Harry’s Game – Anam – Clannad – Atlantic 7 82409-2

The Last Pint – Spices – Pierre Bensusan – CBS MK 42665

Three Sisters – Alter Eko – Eko – Higher Octave HOMCD 7063
Includes Three Sisters Reprise

The Memory of Trees –The Memory of Trees – Enya – Reprise 9 46106-2

Full Circle Waltz – Touch the Sky – Max Highstein – Serenity SFSD-010

The Oh of Pleasure – Deep Breakfast – Ray Lynch – Windham Hill 01934-11118-2 Includes Celestial Soda Pop

Tingri Maiden – Tingri – John Serrie – Miramar MPCD 2003

Loving You New – Sir Dancelot’s Dream – Ken Stover – Hearts of Space HS 11009-2

And, don’t forget to check out the music produced by Nightcrossings artists right here in Kansas!