Giving Tuesday

Help us Celebrate your Non-Prof this Giving Tuesday!

After the cold consumerism of Black Friday, Giving Tuesday gives our listeners across central Kansas a chance to consider what’s truly important – and the work that your non-profit does to make Kansas better! We celebrate this “global generosity movement” with a day full of live updates on the radio about the important work you do and – and about any Giving Tuesday challenges and targets you’ve set for the season.

Radio Kansas Director of Development Russ Wedel will be taking your calls with updates on any challenge grants or fundraising targets you’re closing in on! He’ll hit the airwaves moments after chatting with you and will direct listeners to your website or a contact number at which you are taking donations!

What does it cost to take part? Nothing! This is a genuine celebration of the non-profit community. Now, it would be classy of you to tell your supporters that they can hear live updates at 90.1 FM in Wichita & Hutchinson, 89.5 in Salina & Manhattan and 90.9, Great Bend & Hays. Your board members, in particular, will be glad to hear that you have secured this extra publicity simply by reaching out to your local public radio station.

Needless to say, our fundraising skills have been finely honed through decades of listener feedback. If we’re effective, the phone rings. If we’re not effective, we find out immediately. As experienced Development professionals we would encourage you to have a challenge for Giving Tuesday. A match put up by a local business, your board or another philathropist who themselves hope to leverage THEIR dollars to help you secure more. This grant may not need to be large – it might not even fully support your target for Giving Tuesday, but the prospect of that match gives you something to promote. Radio Kansas has a $3000 match available to listeners. Our year-end need is much more, as you can imagine, but this match is of a scale so that an individual still sees the power of their $200. Call Russ any time if you’d like help with this or any other fundraising considerations.

Please let us know you’ll be taking part, and then call anytime all day on Giving Tuesday and give Russ an update on your progress! The number is easy to remember – 1-800-RADIO-KS. That’s 1-800-723-4657!