Space Music

Music from the Hearts of Space

On Sundays from 9 to midnight we offer Music from the Hearts of Space, hosted by Stephen Hill.  The national broadcast is frequently offered on public stations in an hour-long segment, but Radio Kansas has secured permission to broadcast three hours each week!  Tune in for Stephen’s selections from the worlds of space, drone and ambient music.  

Tranquility Bass

Saturday evenings beginning at 9, veteran broadcaster Michael Ables highlights your ambient, drone, chill, and space music favorites! The program is actually a higher proportion of music from the Hearts of Space record label than the Sunday show! We transmit the show via FM from 9 to midnight, then be among the fans who are with us online all night long! Sign up for program updates and drawings for CDs and even boxed sets on our fan page. Playlists available as each program closes.

Liquid Architecture

Hear extended ambient and space music classics after Hearts of Space. The philosopher Goethe described good architecture as frozen music, so good, spacious music to us is Liquid Architecture. Midnight to 1 Monday morning we present expansive long-form musical structures by artists like Robert Rich, Constance Demby and Steve Roach. Follow along with track and title information using magical apps like Shazam and Soundhound or the music identification software built in to the Android and Apple mobile operating systems. If you prefer, simply request additional information at

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