HD Radio

In addition to being online 24×7, all four of our extraordinary stations are free and over-the-air in the 90.1 listening area via HD Radio technology. We hope to bring these stations to the air for 89.5 and 90.9 listeners, too! This will require new transmitters, for which we have submitted grant proposals! Donate whatever you can to this project!

Even without HD over the air in your neighborhood, you can pair a phone with your stereo via bluetooth, and listen through our mobile app at http://www.radiokansas.app

How do I get these stations over the air in digital sound?

Our digital HD Radio signal reaches the vast majority of Radio Kansas listeners who listen to our FM at 90.1. Next time you purchase a radio, just make sure it has the official HD Radio logo shown above. The easiest (but not the cheapest!) way to get an HD Radio is to choose that stereo package when you buy a new vehicle! Over half of all new cars offer HD Radio as an option. For those of us NOT buying a car this year, Crutchfield and Amazon offer replacement car stereos with HD Radio. Once you have your HD Radio, you’ll find that other stations offer hidden channels, too, and many of them are commercial-free!

How do I find a new HD radio?

A simple web search for HD Radio will probably bring up many non-HD Radios. Same with a search at Amazon.com. Websites still use the term “HD” to try to say that their radio is high quality. They’re simply not aware that HD Radio is a trademarked term intended only for radios with this new digital technology. Again, look for the logo!

The car stereo retailer Crutchfield has an excellent page explaining the technology and an online configurator helping you find one right for your car!

We’ve provided a list below to highlight only real HD Radios. Just click on the picture to visit the product’s webpage!

Amazon offers an attractive tabletop HD Radio by Sangean.

You can wake with Radio Kansas in digital fidelity with this clock radio!

This JVC car radio at Crutchfield is no more expensive than a regular aftermarket upgrade!

This Kenwood full-function in-dash smart radio with Apple’s Carplay or Android Auto not only has live HD Radio, but you can listen to our podcasts in an app!

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