Classical Hosts

Our classical music runs contiguously from 9 to 5, and then we have two hours each night Sunday through Friday with Classics In Concert.

If you wish to support a specific show, you may just let us know what time of day you listen, or mention the host by name, or refer to the show by name. A.M. Classics runs 9 to noon, The Classical Café is from noon to 1, and then Symphony Hall is from 1 to 5. We hope it strikes you as remarkable that these show names, and our services, are unchanged for decades, even as most public radio stations have eliminated classical altogether.

Katelyn Mattson hosts 9 to 11 and noon to 1.

Peter van de Graaff hosts the 11 a.m. and1 p.m. hours.

Michael Ables hosts from 2 to 5.

Mark Ritchey hosts Sunday Best from 6 a.m. to 10.

Various national hosts present the concert music programs on Classics in Concert.

Again, just refer to a show by host, clock time or title…just make sure you let us know where to use your dollars to bring classical music to the world!

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